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How expensive Diesel became in 20 days, how fast to see Petrol Price, know here


new Delhi. Even if after two days of continuous fast on sunday Diesel price (Diesel Price Today) The increase may have been a relief, but since June 29, the price of diesel (Diesel Price Hike) has increased by one rupee per liter in 20 days. On the other hand price of petrol (Petrol Price Today) No changes have been noticed. On Saturday, the price of diesel was increased from 13 paise per liter to 18 paise per liter. Let us tell you that the price of diesel has increased by 6 days in the month of July. According to experts, a slight increase in the price of diesel may continue in the coming days. Let us also tell you how much will have to be paid on petrol and diesel on Sunday.

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No change in diesel price
According to information received from IOCL, after two consecutive days of increase, there has been no change in diesel prices today. In such a situation, people of the four metros of the country will have to pay the price of diesel on Saturday. On Saturday, the price of diesel increased by 17 paise in Delhi, 18 paise in Kolkata, 15 paise in Mumbai and 13 paise per liter in Chennai, after which diesel prices in the four metros were Rs 81.52, Rs 76.67, Rs 79.71 and Rs. 78.50 per liter. In the coming days, the price of diesel may increase further.

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Diesel has become expensive by one rupee per liter
Talking about the month of July, the price of diesel has become more expensive than one rupee per liter. Kolkata has seen the highest inflation in diesel. Compared to June 29, diesel has increased by 99 paise in Delhi, Rs 1.03 per liter in Kolkata, 88 paise in Mumbai and 78 paisa in Chennai. Whereas in the month of June, the price of diesel was increased by Rs 11 per liter. The highest price was seen in the country’s capital, Delhi. That is, till now the price of diesel has increased by Rs 11 per liter in the capital of the country.

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Petrol prices stable since 20 days
According to information received from IOCL, there has been no change in the price of petrol in all the four cities of the country for 20 consecutive days. While on June 29, petrol prices saw a slight increase of 5 paise per liter. After this, the prices of petrol in the country’s capital Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai were Rs 80.43, Rs 82.10, Rs 87.19 and Rs 83.63 per liter respectively.

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Crude oil becomes cheaper in international market
On the other hand, crude oil prices in the international market remained limited this week, but there was no significant change from the previous week. Brent crude remained above $ 43 per barrel and WTI above $ 40 per barrel. First, Brent crude, the September futures contract closed at $ 43.12 a barrel. While the August futures contract of American light crude West Texas Intermediate closed at $ 40.59 a barrel, down 0.39 percent from the previous session.


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