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How cheap gold, silver price has also come down


new Delhi. Today, gold and silver appear cheaper in India’s futures market. Gold and silver were open this morning compared to Friday with gold and silver price declining. According to experts, today there is a fast environment in the Indian stock market. Because of which investors’ interest in gold and silver is rarely seen. By the way, Gold Price Today is seen only around 49 thousand per ten grams. On the other hand, the silver price is also moving around the level of 53 thousand. Let us tell you that there is a 25 per cent rise in gold and silver price today. On the other hand, gold imports have also come down by 94 percent. Let us also tell you what level of gold and silver are currently traded.

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Gold and silver became cheaper in India
First, talk about the price of gold, at present, the price of gold was trading at Rs 48930 per da gram at 1145 am with a fall of Rs 37 per ten grams. While gold opened at Rs 48910 per 10 grams this morning. Earlier on Friday, gold had closed at Rs 48967 per ten grams. Talking about silver, the price of silver is falling by Rs 74 per ten gram at the same time, due to which the price has come down to Rs 52825 per kg. While today silver opened at Rs 52819 per kg. On Friday, silver had closed at Rs 52899 per kg.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
On the other hand, the price of gold and silver in foreign markets are seen trading at a flat level. In New York’s Comex market, gold is trading at $ 1800 an ons. At the same time, silver is trading at $ 19.73 an ons. On the other hand, in the European market, gold is trading at 1580 euros and silver at 17 euros per ons. In London, gold is trading at 1443 pounds and silver at 15.40 pounds.


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