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Himansh Kohli infected with corona, told fans- don’t take it lightly


Himansh Kohli has recently been found to be corona infected. Himansh himself has given this information through social media. Himansh wrote, ‘By the mercy of God and by the prayers of you people, my family is fast recovering from the corona virus. Many times we think that our immunity is very strong. We cannot do anything. We are taking all precautions. During the care of my parents, I started showing signs of the virus. When I got Kovid 19 tested, my report came back positive.

Himansha further wrote, ‘I don’t want to scare you because the recovery rate is very high. I just want to say that everyone reacts differently to this virus, but the symptoms were slightly different in all four members of our family, so don’t take it lightly. Do everything possible to avoid this virus.

Himansh has also shared tips to avoid further viruses.

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This message was written after the family corona got infected

Earlier, when the corona report of the entire family except Himansh came positive, Himansh wrote, ‘I am the only healthy person at home and I have two responsibilities, one to take care of my family and the other to myself in the club of Kovid Infections Not to include Of course it is not easy to manage it, but at the moment my family needs me the most and luckily I am here instead of living in Mumbai and getting scared.

Talking about Himansh’s professional life, he started his career with the TV show ‘Hum Hai Hai Life’ in 2011. After this, in the year 2014, Himansh appeared in the film ‘Yaariyan’. Himansh was popularized by this film.

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