High Tech Toilet Launched at CES: Clean Once in a Year


A high-tech toilet has been launched in America’s ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas(CES 2016). The company, Toto claims that it will need to be cleaned only once a year. The company named it “Intelligent Toilet”.

What is special in this high-tech toilet

  • Super-hydrophilic technique has been used inside the toilet.
  • It has oxygen ions, which tend to eliminate bacteria and viruses.
  • Inside the pot ultraviolet (UV) light is added.
  • Inside the pot layer of glaze photocatalytic has been used.
  • As soon as the waste material falls, the oxygen ions are activated and waste materials are decomposed.
  • This gives the user the warm air and hot water.

What is the cost of the toilet?

  • The company priced the toilet at $9,800 (about Rs 653 000).
  • The company claims that more than 4 million of the old version has been sold.  Now the company have added new technology in the toilet, which flush the toilet before and after the use.
  • The user will not need to clean it separately.

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