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HDFC gave special gift to Armed Forces, Shaurya KGC Card to family, free life insurance of 10 lakh


new Delhi. HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank) has launched Shaurya KGC Card, making a big announcement on Friday for the families of soldiers working in the army. Through this card, families of military personnel will be able to buy agricultural goods and machinery. Life insurance has also been given with this card. According to the bank, this card has been prepared based on the guidelines of Kisan Credit Card. According to the bank, it is a special gift from the bank on the Independence Day to the military personnel. Let us also tell you what are the special features of this card.

10 lakhs will get free life insurance
Shaurya KGC Card has been launched on the basis of Kisan Credit Card Guidelines. Life insurance up to Rs 10 lakh will also be available on the basis of this card. HDFC managing director Aditya Puri said that it is a matter of pride for us that we are launching this card for the families of people working in the military forces. I myself am a member of the family associated with the Air Force. People of our military force make great sacrifices for the country.

Special gift on independence day
Aditya Puri said that I think my career is now complete when we can do something for the families of our military forces. Like the farmers, now we are able to launch a good product for the families of the soldiers of the military forces. This is our gift on Independence Day.


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