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Government takes big step to make farmers of South India happy, income will increase


new Delhi. Even though the farmers of North India are agitating against the government, but to make the farmers of South India happy, the Central Government has taken a big step. This will benefit lakhs of farmers from about 12 coastal states of the country.

According to the information, the minimum support price (MSP) of coconut, the major produce of South India, has been increased by Rs 375 per quintal and its value has been declared as Rs 10335 for the year 2020-21.

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Increase in MSP of coconut
The proposal to increase the MSP of coconut (milling) from Rs 9960 to Rs 10335 per quintal was approved in a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

After the meeting, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the cost price of coconut is Rs 6805 per quintal, which has been increased by 52 percent to give a remunerative price to the farmers.

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Millions of farmers will benefit
Javadekar said that the price of dry coconut has been increased by Rs 300 per quintal and its MSP has been declared at Rs 10600 per quintal. It has been increased by 55 percent. He informed that this decision of the government will benefit lakhs of farmers of 12 coastal coastal states.

He said that in general, coconut yield of farmers is purchased at private level. If there is not enough lift in the market, the Indian National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation and the Indian National Cooperative Consumer Federation will purchase coconut.


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