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Google’s entry into food delivery business, Zomato, Swiggy to compete


New Delhi: Google is going to start a food delivery business in India very soon. By entering Google’s food delivery business, companies like Swiggy Zomato will get a direct competition. According to the information that the company has started testing its food delivery service, Google’s food delivery business will allow users to order and pay directly on google.com.

Delivery will also be done through third partyIt is being told that Google is currently working on many things like preparing its menu for the food delivery business and price, as well as another thing has come out that Google is not only on its own but also through third party like Dunzo It will be noted here that Google is already available on Order Food dot google.com (order.food.google.com) in the US In the US, users are given the option to order with the help of virtual voice assistant.

Google’s entry will be game changer Anurag Katiyar, president of the National Restaurant Association of India, has commented on Google’s entry saying that if Google enters the food ordering business, then its entry can be that of the game changer, Swiggy from Google’s entry and that on metro business Let us tell you that due to Coronavirus, there has been a rapid increase in online orders and in order to capitalize on this, recently e-commerce company Amazon has also entered into the food delivery business. Started the work. Amazon did screen testing for several months before entering into the food business business.

Preparation for large investment in India –On Monday, it was reported that Google is preparing to invest 75000 crore rupees in India. These investments will be made through equity investment partnership and operational infrastructure. Google for India event Sundar Pichai (Google for India event) google ceo sundar pichai) had given information about this and at the same time he said that he is very excited about India’s digitization plans.

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