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Golden opportunity to buy gold in weddings season, cheaper by Rs 11500


New Delhi. From New York to New Delhi, there is a decline in the price of gold and silver. Gold has come down to a 9-month low. According to experts, the price of gold and silver is falling due to increase in treasury yield and increase in dollar. Gold and silver may fall further in the coming days. By the way, according to experts, cases of corona virus are increasing in the country. Also, lockdown is being seen. In such a situation, investors can invest in gold in the safe havens in the coming days. Due to which, precious metals can see a boom.

Fall in gold and silver
On Thursday, the price of gold and silver is seen to fall. First of all, if gold is down, it is trading at Rs 44,811 per ten gram, falling by Rs 137 per ten gram. Whereas during the trading session, it touched the day’s low of Rs 44712 ​​per ten grams. On the other hand, there is a big fall in the price of silver. Silver is now trading at Rs 67500 per kg, falling by Rs 500 per kg at 10.30 am. Whereas today silver fell to the day’s low with 67005 rupees.

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Gold became cheaper by Rs 11500
Gold has become cheaper by Rs 11500 in the Indian futures market since August. In fact, on August 7, gold reached the alltime hike with Rs 56191 per ten grams. After which gold fell to the day’s low with Rs 44712 ​​today. That is, it has become cheaper by Rs 11,500 during this period. While the price of silver reached alltime with 79980 rupees. Which today reached the day’s low with 67005 rupees. That is, silver has become cheaper by Rs 13000.

Foreign markets also fall
At the same time, gold and silver have become much cheaper in foreign markets. Gold is trading at $ 1,711.60 an ons on New York’s Comex, down $ 4.20 an ons. While the gold spot is seeing a gain of $ 3.68 per ons. Due to which the price has come down to $ 1,714.91 per ons. On the other hand, silver is trading at $ 26.20 an ons, down 0.71 percent. While the price of silver spot is trading at 0.26 per cent, at $ 26.17 an ons.

What do you know?
According to Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, the dollar is gaining momentum today. Due to which gold and silver are seen declining. In the coming days, demand can be seen in gold and silver. Weddings are in season. Because of which the premium has increased. In such a situation, both gold and silver can be seen fast.


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