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Gold Price Today: There has been a softening in the prices of gold, know the new rate of gold and silver


Gold Price: The price of gold is far below the record level of 55 thousand rupees per tola.

New Delhi:

Gold Silver Rates Today 15th September : The price of gold remains at Rs 46,140 per ten grams of 22 carats. Whereas the net of 24 carats Gold Price Today 50,340 per tola. It has seen only slight fluctuations compared to a day. The price of gold and silver is currently running 9 thousand rupees cheaper than its record level. Due to the reduction in prices, experts believe that this is the right time to buy, because gold and silver may see a rise again during the coming of festivals.

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According to the website of Gold Returns, the price of one gram of gold in Delhi is Rs 4614. While 8 grams of gold is Rs 36,912. If we talk about 100 grams of gold, then it is at 4,61,400. All these rates are of 22 carat gold. While the price of 24 carat gold is at 5034 per gram. That is, it is Rs 50,340 per tola. The price of silver is running at Rs 62806 per kg.

Gold remains at Rs 44,600 per ten grams in Chennai, Rs 46,550 per ten grams in Kolkata and Mumbai. If we talk about the month of September, then gold has broken around Rs 700-800. There is also a steady softening in silver.

Let us also tell you the price of gold of different purity according to the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association, which shows a standard price. All these prices are before tax and other surcharges. The actual price i.e. while buying gold or silver jewelery may be higher.

gold (995) – 40628
Gold(916) -37365
gold (999) -40791
Gold(750)- 30593
gold (585)-23863
Silver (999)-46395

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