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Gold Price Today: Gold reaches record high again, check, today’s rate of gold


Gold is running at its record level, prices rose again on Tuesday. (Symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

Gold Price Today: Gold prices Almost every day, records are witnessing a break. After Monday, the prices of gold have risen continuously on Tuesday and gold has reached its highest level. In the domestic futures market, gold rose to a record level of 52,435 on Tuesday, up from 52,410. On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Gold Future prices rose by 0.64 per cent to Rs 334, after which gold reached a record high of 52,435.

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In the global market, gold prices saw an increase of $ 40, after which gold prices reached $ 1,980 an ounce. MCX Gold Future saw a rise of 0.34 per cent to Rs 178 in the morning at 10.20 am. At this time, gold was trading at Rs 52,279. Spot gold reached its record level on Tuesday in the international market. Gold was seen trading at $ 1,947 an ounce. However, profit booking was seen after this. In fact, there is a buzz among investors that the Federal Reserve may make some announcements to ease its policies in the policy meeting to be held this week.

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Let us know that in the last few weeks, there is a steady rise in gold. In fact, due to tensions on the economic front between Kovid-19, the deteriorating economy and the world’s two big economies – China and the US – gold prices have increased continuously. Usually, in difficult times, investors turn to gold except risky investments.

Due to the rise in gold prices in the domestic market, the demand seems to be decreasing. At the same time, due to sales tax and making charge in gold jewelery, its prices may also vary across the country. Let us know that since March, the time of trading on domestic commodity exchange has been reduced. On Tuesday, the domestic stock market has also seen a boom. Auto and IT companies have gained in stocks. Behind this, there is a possibility of giving relief to the US on the economic front.

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