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Gold Price Today: Gold and Silver prices fall, know how cheap silver has become today


Gold-Silver Price Today 21st May 2020: On Thursday, gold and silver once again became cheap. Today, the price of 24 carat 10 gram gold fell by Rs 274 in the bullion market as compared to Wednesday. The morning gold rate of 999 came down to Rs 46,986. At the same time, the prices of 23 carat and 22 carat gold have also been recorded. Earlier on Wednesday, 10 grams of 24 carat gold sold at Rs 47260. Today, the silver tone is also soft. Silver has lost Rs 655 per kg in morning trade. The website of the India Bullion and Jewelers Association (ibjarates.com) updates their average price. According to ibjarates, gold and silver rates remained as follows on 21 May 2020.

Metal 21 May Rate (Rs / 10g) 20 May Rate (Rs / 10g) Rate change (Rs / 10g)
Gold 999 46986 47260 -274
Gold 995 46798 47071 -273
Gold 916 43039 43290 -251
Gold 750 35240 35445 -205
Gold 585 27487 27647 -160
Silver 999 47465 Rs / Kg 48120 655

According to Rajesh Khosla, media in-charge of the India Bullion and Jewelers Association, Delhi, ibja shows the average price of gold and silver from 14 centers across the country. Khosla says that the current rate of gold-silver or, say, the spot price may be different at different places but there is a slight difference in their prices.

Records being made in lockdown

Gold for the first time reached a new peak of Rs 45201 on 9 April. Four days later this record was broken and on 13 April, gold reached Rs 46034 per ten grams. Gold set a new all-time record on this day, but it also collapsed on 15 April. Gold reached another new peak of Rs 46534 per 10 grams. This record also broke the very next day on 16 April and the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs 46,928. After this, on May 15, gold reached Rs 47067 and set a new record. This record also broke on 18 May. Gold reached Rs 47861.

What is gold 999

Hallmarked jewelery has hallmark marks and some digits such as 999, 916, 875. The secret of your gold purity is hidden in these marks. Keep in mind, the gold jewelery with the number 999 is 24 carat with the hallmark mark. 999 means the purity of gold in it is 99.9 percent. Similarly, 995 on 23 carat gold, while 916 on 22 carat gold, 875 on 21 carat, 750 marks on 18 carat.

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