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Gold price rises in India, silver price rise in America, Britain and Europe


New Delhi After a brief respite on Wednesday, gold and silver are again seeing a rise. Not only in India but in the worldwide markets, gold and silver price is seen getting support. Where gold in the US (Gold Price Today) remains at $ 1800 per ons. On the other hand, the price of silver has gone beyond $ 19 an ons. A similar situation is seen in the markets of London and Europe. According to experts, the increase in the price of gold and silver (Silver Price Today) is due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus. Investors are looking at gold and silver as safe investments. Let us also tell you what the prices of gold and silver have been in the Indian futures market from overseas markets.

Gold and silver in foreign markets
Silver in the US market COMEX is trading above $ 19 per ons with a rise of more than one per cent.
At the same time, gold is trading at $ 1819 per ons, with a rise of about $ 10 an ons.
In London, gold is trading up by £ 2 to trade at 1433 pounds per ounce.
Silver in London is trading at around £ 15 an ons.
In the European market, gold has risen by about 4 euros to cross 1600 euros per ons.
– While in European markets silver has reached around 17 Euro.

Gold and silver in local futures market
Gold and silver in the futures market of the country is trading rapidly. First of all, if gold is trading at 3 pm, it is trading at Rs 49115 per ten gram with a gain of Rs 237. Whereas gold today opened at Rs 48919 per gram. While there was a slight fall in the price of gold on Thursday. At the same time, silver was trading at Rs 51518 per kg with a rise of Rs 427 per kg at 3 pm. While silver opened at Rs 51163 per kg this morning.

What is the expert saying
According to Anuj Gupta, deputy vice-president, commodity and research, Angel Broking, the price of gold and silver was seen on Thursday. The reason behind this was that on Wednesday evening, gold came to a record level. He said that today gold and silver are increasing again. The effect of corona virus is being seen.


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