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Gold becomes cheaper, golden opportunity to shop, heavy downfall!


new Delhi. In today’s time, the price of gold is touching the sky. So it is not just a matter of everyone that they can fulfill their hobbies. But if you are making fool to buy gold today, then do not let this opportunity be known soon, and buy gold. Because after a long time, the price of gold has fallen below 50,000 per tola. On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), gold has fallen 0.35 per cent to Rs 49335 per 10 grams in two days. And now it has also been reported that along with the fall in gold, the price of silver has also fallen significantly. At around quarter to ten in the morning, the price of silver was Rs 56900 per kg, which has fallen further.

It is said that after the fall in gold (gold price fall), there has not been any rise in it yet. Even today the price of gold has not reached above its opening price. Overall, today the price of gold is not only open with a fall, but is continuously falling after opening.

Should you buy gold at this time

Please tell that at the beginning of the month of August, gold in the market had crossed a very high level, at that time the price of 10 grams of gold had crossed about Rs 56,200. But now even after the sudden decline, people are not attracted to gold. Although this time is good enough to buy gold, experts also believe that buying gold at the rate that has fallen this time can prove to be very beneficial in the coming days. It is also being said that those who have extra money can benefit by investing in gold at this time. Because later the price of gold can be seen increasing. Therefore, this time can prove to be very beneficial for those people who want a good profit in their business.

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