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Gold becomes cheaper after three days of inflation, silver prices also fall


new Delhi. After three consecutive days of rapid rise in the price of gold and silver. Gold and silver have become cheaper in Indian markets as well, from New York to London and European markets. Talking about the Indian futures market, the price of gold is falling by Rs 150 per ten grams. While the price of silver is trading down by Rs 670 per kg. According to experts, the price of gold may fall further. This may be due to reduced corona cases and progress in the vaccine. Let us also tell you how much you will have to pay for gold and silver today.

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First thing to sleep
Today the price of gold is falling. In the Indian futures market, the price of gold is falling by Rs 150, due to which the price is at Rs 49290 per ten grams. Whereas gold today opened at Rs 49355 per ten gram and also reached a low level of Rs 49252 per ten gram. On Thursday, gold had closed at Rs 49448 per ten grams. Talking about silver, at present, it is trading at Rs 66630 per kg with a fall of Rs 670. While today silver opened at Rs 67000 and reached a low of Rs 66373. The precious metal had closed at Rs 67,300 on Thursday.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
New York: Currently, gold is trading at $ 1862.40 per ons in the US market, falling by $ 6.90. While silver is trading at $ 25.52 an ons, down 1.29 percent.

London: In the UK market, gold is trading at 1358.51 pounds per ounce, down by 3.30 pounds per ounce. While silver is trading at 1.60 per cent to 18.60 pounds per ons.

Europe: In European countries, gold is trading at 1529.43 Euro per ons, with a decline of 8.02 euros per ons. While silver is trading at 25.47 Euro per ons, down by 1.78 per cent.


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