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Gold became cheaper by 931 rupees in lockdown 4.0, first rose by Rs 2610, 24 carat gold


Lockdown 4.0 is now going to end on 31 May and with this, speculation of Lockdown 5.0 has started. A nationwide lockdown continues since March 25 to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Despite this four-phase lockdown, bullion markets across the country are closed, despite gold and silver prices setting new records. Let us know how much the gold rate has changed in which lockdown ..

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Lockdan 24 carat gold rate change 23 carat 22 carat
1.0 2610 2600 2280
2.0 121 121 0
3.0 1154 1150 1157
4.0 -932 -1015 -933

Figures Rs 10 per gram, Source: Ibjarate

Let me tell you that the gold which was mostly flat in lockdown-3 reached alltime record level on 15 May. 24-carat gold price reached a new peak of Rs 47067 per 10 grams. Earlier, gold rose by Rs 3885 per ten grams in three lockdowns. At the same time, gold prices fell in the fourth lockdown.

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If we talk about the prices of gold and silver during the lockdown, then for the first time, gold prices fell in the fourth lockdown. Gold was cheaper by Rs 932 as compared to the third and the price of 24 carat 10 grams gold came to Rs 46,929 on Friday, May 29, the last trading day of this lockdown. However during this time it was above three times. On May 18, gold sold for Rs 47861, on May 20 at Rs 47260 and on May 22 at Rs 47100 per 10 grams.

date 24 carat gold price 23 carat gold price 22 carat gold price
29 May 46929 46741 42987
17 May 47861 47756 43920
4 May 45913 45729 42056
13 April 46034 45850 42056
25 March 43424 43250 39776

Figures Rs 10 per gram, Source: Ibjarate

Gold jumped Rs 2610 in the first lockdown

Between March 25 and April 14, 24-carat gold jumped 2610 rupees in the first lockdown. At the same time, there was an increase of only Rs 121 between the second lockdown (15 April to 3 May). In the third lockdown (May 3 to May 17), gold created a new history, reaching an all-time peak of Rs 47067. During this time, the price of gold increased by a total of Rs 1154.

Many records made and broken in lockdown

Gold for the first time reached a new peak of Rs 45201 on 9 April. Four days later this record was broken and on 13 April, gold reached Rs 46034 per ten grams. Gold set a new all-time record on this day, but it also collapsed on 15 April. Gold reached another new peak of Rs 46534 per 10 grams. This record also broke the very next day on 16 April and the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs 46,928. After this, gold reached a new record of Rs 47067 on 15 May.

Why the price of gold is increasing

The reduction in policy rates by central banks around the world, indicating that the economy is in deep recession and gold is known as an option for safe investment. Amid the steep fall in the stock market, the trend of investors has also increased in gold, which has boosted demand. Heavy buying by Gold ETFs is a direct sign of this.

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