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Gold and Silver Price: Gold and Silver more than 250 rupees cheaper, know how much prices


new Delhi. If you are planning to buy gold, then this is the right time. Why gold and silver have become cheaper from the Indian futures market to the international market. Gold is getting cheaper in the futures market of the country and has come down to Rs 49 thousand per ten grams. While silver has also come to the level of 66 thousand rupees per kg. Currently, both are seeing a decline of more than Rs 250. At the same time, the price of gold and silver is seen in the international market. Let us also tell you how much rupee gold and silver you are getting today.

Gold cheap on MCX
In the Indian futures market, gold appears to be cheaper than Rs 250 per ten gram. Currently, gold is trading down by Rs 253 at Rs 48,895 per ten grams at 11.52 am. While today gold reached the day’s low with Rs 48,807 per ten grams. While today gold started at Rs 48,903 per ten grams. Gold closed at Rs 49,143 per ten gram on Monday night.

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Fall in the price of silver
On the other hand, when we talk about the price of silver, there is a decline in it. Currently, silver is trading at Rs 66,260 per kg with a fall of Rs 275 per kg at 11.55 am. While today silver reached the day’s low of Rs 66,020 per kg. Today the price of silver started at Rs 66,231 per kg. Let us tell you that silver closed at Rs 66,535 per kg on Monday.

Gold and silver in foreign markets
America: In New York’s Comex market, gold is down by $ 2.70 an ons to $ 1852.10. While silver is trading 0.21 per cent down at $ 25.49 an ons.

Europe: In this zone, gold is down by 1.67 euros per ons at 1520.47 and silver by 0.25 per cent at $ 20.90 per euro.

UK: London markets are down by £ 1.50 per ons to £ 1346.03 per ons. While silver is trading 0.21 per cent down at £ 18.50 an ons.


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