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Gold and silver became cheaper after a day’s fast, know how much the prices have become


new Delhi. After Tuesday’s sharp rise, gold and silver prices are falling today. Where gold is trading down by more than Rs 100 per ten gram. On the other hand, the price of silver is falling by more than 600 rupees. If we talk about foreign markets, there is a slowdown in both gold and silver. According to experts, this slowness can be seen even more in the coming days. Let us also tell you how much rupee gold and silver is trading in futures market today.

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Gold and silver dull in foreign markets
First of all, when we talk about the price of gold and silver in foreign markets, the price of gold is trading at $ 1813 per ons, with a decline of about $ 6 per onus. While talking about the price of silver, it is trading at $ 23.84 an ounce, falling by one per cent. According to experts, gold and silver may fall further in the coming days. The reason for that is the update on the Kovid 19 vaccine. As positive updates will come about it, gold and silver will come in a state of consolidation.

Gold prices cheaper in Indian futures market
At the same time, if we talk about gold in the Indian futures market, today it started with a slack. Gold is trading down by Rs 132 per ten grams at Rs 48435 per ten grams in a turnover of 9.10 am. Whereas gold was opened today with Rs 48459 per ten gram. Gold had closed at Rs 48567 per ten gram on Tuesday night. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the price of gold was increased by more than Rs 600 per ten grams.

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Silver also became cheaper
On the other hand, silver prices have also seen a decline in the futures market. Silver is trading down by Rs 611 to trade at Rs 62587 per kg in a turnover of 9.10 am. While today silver opened at Rs 62481 per kg. Silver had closed at Rs 62198 per kg on Tuesday. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the price of Chandi was seen to be around Rs 3000 per kg.


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