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GoAir employee escapes job in obscene comment on Sita Mata, company cancels termination letter


Private airline Go Air has withdrawn its decision to expel Sita from an employee who allegedly made obscene comments. The company has now suspended the removal of employee Asif Khan from the job. Let me tell you that Asif Khan, an employee of the company, was accused of making vulgar comments on Twitter about Sita Mata. After this, Boycott Go started trending on Twitter. A spokesperson for GoAir told the web site Moneycontrol, “The company has suspended them in both internal and external investigations and the case has been concluded.”

Let us tell you that this matter was caught on social media three days ago. Twitter users tagged Go Here and started demanding action on Asif Khan. Tagging Goair, Sonam Mahajan asked, “Is Asif Khan your employee, as he wrote in his bio on Twitter. If he is your employee and you did not remove him then it will mean that you are promoting hatred towards Hinduism. ”

#BoycottGoair started trending on Twitter. People demanded Goyer to take strict action against the employee. Many people said that if the employee is not fired, they will not travel in the Go Air from the front. First Go Air said that it was finding out whether Asif Khan was her employee or not, when it was confirmed, the company fired her.

Goyer shared the employee’s removal information on Twitter, writing, “Goyer has a zero tolerance policy and rules, rules and policies for all Go Air employees in the company, including social media behavior.” It is mandatory to follow. Personal views expressed by any person or employee have nothing to do with the airline. The contract of Trainee First Officer Ashif Khan is being terminated with immediate effect.

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