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Forbes 2020: Only Akshay Kumar from India among the highest-grossing celebs in the world


Forbes has released the list of the highest grossing celebs 2020 in the world. This time, only Akshay Kumar is included in this list. In this year’s list of 100 people, Akshay Kumar is at 52nd position with earnings of Rs 365 crore. However, as of last year, his ranking has fallen slightly. Last year, Akshay Kumar was at number 33 with a gross of 490 crores.

Explain that in an interview with Forbes, Akshay said on his success, ‘You have to change yourself over time. Today the stories of films have changed, audiences have changed, even the zeros have changed in my check. Everything is changing. This is the key to my success.

Akshay had said, ‘Earlier I came in films only for money, but now after earning money, I am trying to establish myself as a good actor’.

Explain that the more Akshay earns, the more he donates. Recently, Akshay has generously donated to help the problems that have come to the country due to Corona. Along with this, they are also helping the daily wage laborers, Corona Warriors.

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Recently an advertisement for the government was shot. It has now been released. In this advertisement, Akshay has given many ways to caution those returning to work with the corona virus.

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