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For Aadhaar stambh policy, Aadhaar card is necessary, only 4 rupees investment will benefit 4 lakhs


new Delhi : Every person definitely knows about LIC’s plans once they invest. Actually, LIC has planned policies for everyone according to its need. But under the policy we are going to tell you today, you have to invest only 28 rupees every day. But there is a condition of this policy that only those who have Aadhar Card can invest in it.

We are talking about the low premium policy Aadhar Stambh. This policy can be taken by any person between the age of 8 to 55 years. The minimum sum assured for the plan is Rs 75,000 and the maximum sum assured is Rs 3,00,000. For this, you have to invest only 28 rupees in this policy every day. So that you can get around 4 lakh rupees. After investing continuously for 5 years, you will also get loyalty incentives.

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The good thing about this policy is that death benefit is also given to the policy holder. That is, if the insured falls in the first 5 years of purchasing the policy, then the nominal sum is paid to his nominee as death benefit. On the other hand, if the policy holder dies after five years of taking the policy, his / her nominee is paid 105% of the original sum assured and loyalty additions as death benefit.

Now let us tell you how much money will have to be paid in terms of 28 rupees. Suppose you took this policy at the age of 8 years, then you have to take this policy for 20 years. And your Assured Sum will be Rs 3 Lakh. Now tell you how much money you have to pay in the first year. plus tax

  • Annual: 10541 (10087 + 454)
  • Half Yearly: 5327 (5098 + 229)
  • Quarterly: 2692 (2576 + 116)
  • Monthly: 898 (859 + 39) YLY Mode Average Premium / Daily: 28

The premium for the first year will be the highest because after this your tax is deducted (Tax Rebate). You also get a loyalty addition of 97000 on maturity.


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