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First Time Investors are earning from the stock market in lockdown, Demat account opened in millions


New Delhi: The Corona Pandemic not only taught people to stay indoors for a long time, but people also came to know about the talent hidden inside them which people never paid attention to. Now taking stock market itself, it is always considered risky and gambling. The common man keeps away from it for fear of losing money, but according to a report in May, 1.2 million new Demat accounts were opened in the lockdown period from March to May. It is clear that people are taking interest in the share market in lockdown. And in doing so, he is the first Time Investors who usually did not have time to invest in the stock market because of their mainstream career.

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Many people are earning from the stock market by trading in the stock market at the time of lockdown. Prerna Bhambri also comes in such people. Prerna has won the National Tennis Championship 4 times, but due to the lockdown, when the Women’s Tennis Association canceled all the events, Prerna decided to try her luck in the stock market in free time. Prerna is not the only person, but from students to house wives also takes interest in the stock market at this time. The great thing is that these people are also earning from the market.

In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, the stock market is becoming quite popular among the youth. Alam is that people are now doing full research work for this work started as an amateur.

These investors are keeping an eye on every movement of the market throughout the day. Accordingly, the purchase of shares is being carried out.

Brokerages House is also launching schemes – It is not just that the youth are thinking of earning right now but also Brokerages House these Rookie Investors (these are the investors who are investing in the stock market for the first time) commission-free trading, free exchange trade fund (ETF) are attracted by offers such as units and refunds.


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