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First ask which actor-director left the supporting cast film: Anurag Kashyap on nepotism


The debate about nepotism in Bollywood is intensifying these days. All the celebs are giving their reaction to this issue. Now in the meantime, Anurag Kashyap has continuously tweeted something which is very much discussed on social media. Anurag tweeted, Friends … Amazing debate is going on. Movies do not have only actors. At least one hundred and fifty people work on the set of a film. On the day inside or outside, assistants, workers, spotboys and all the other humans working on the set will learn to respect them, then they can be talked. Whether it is about nepotism or favoriteism. First, ask those who work on these sets and times, which actor or director or whatever, is the most insolent or in the name of which actor they refuse to work in that film.

Anurag then tweeted, “Go back to those actor’s sets, where when the command comes into the hands of the so-called actor, read the old interviews of the supporting actors of that film, why they left the film.” You will get back the way you live with others’.

After this, Anurag wrote, ‘Blood and sweat make up more than 100 people in making a film, but why does justice, injustice only matter who gets the most from films. If you want to understand the truth, then you have to look into every pit of society how deep it is and how dark it is.

Anurag wrote in the next tweet, the film world is more than just looking and printing but it is not different from any other world. With me too, both the ousides and insiders have done a lot in 27 years, but there is no need or appreciation of their validation.

After this, Anurag wrote in his last tweet, “Come on, today I also felt like doing ‘Mann Ki Baat’ colleagues, so I did it. It will be good if you reply with the rest of the new abuses. Writing next film – ‘Gangs of Parlia ……’ I am very much stuck with the dialogues … Thank you.

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