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Fampay launches card with no number for Teenagers, no need to open bank account


new Delhi: Fampay has launched the first numberless card of Teenagers. These cards, called fampay cards, will be for online and offline payments, like debit cards. The best thing is that despite providing payment facility, there will be no need to open a separate bank account for this card. With this, the parents will be freed from the hassle of giving them cash or their debit / credit card. Each transaction is protected with a device lock such as fingerprint, face ID, pattern lock, or PIN.

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Security is guaranteed- There is no need to look at the physical card to fill the details during the online transaction. If it is lost or stolen, the card information can be easily blocked or paused by the app.

Phampe’s co-founder Sambhav Jain said that people have become very cautious in using the cash amidst the corona epidemic. The trend of digital payment has increased. But teenagers often have to depend on their parents’ cards. That is why this product has been launched to make children self-reliant and to define the journey of finance and payment.

App launched just 2 months ago This app was launched two months ago, it has already become more than 30 thousand subscribers. Apart from the card, the company gives special UPI ID to the teenagers.

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