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Faceless Assessment: E-record verification made easy for taxpayers, now it will work like this


Income Tax Rules: Authentication rules have been simplified under the Faceless Assessment Rules. (symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Started last year by the Income Tax Department Faceless Assessment Scheme i.e Faceless Assessment The Ministry of Finance has simplified the authentication rules of e-records to be submitted under the scheme. In this regard, information was given by the ministry by issuing a statement on Tuesday. The Finance Ministry said on Tuesday that the electronic records deposited from the registered account of the taxpayers on the Income Tax Portal will be deemed to be authenticated by the taxpayer through the Electronic Verification Code (EVC).

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The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Monday made changes in Income Tax Rules to simplify the verification of records submitted in faceless assessment proceedings without the face-to-face of the officer and the taxpayer.

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The ministry said that in the amended rule, a provision has been made that electronic records submitted through the registered account of taxpayers on the portal of Income Tax Department will be deemed to be authenticated by the taxpayer through electronic verification code.

It said, ‘…therefore, where a person submits an electronic record by logging into his registered account on the portal of the Income Tax Department, it shall be deemed that the electronic record has been verified by the EVC…’.

The ministry said that this simplified process will also be available for companies or tax audit cases and they are required to authenticate electronic records through digital signatures. Legislative amendments in this regard will be brought in due course.

Let us tell you that last year Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a new faceless assessment scheme regarding income tax. Under this new scheme, the target was to give major relief to the taxpayers in the entire process of taxation. Under this, the government is promoting no-human contact. In all these cases the taxpayer will not know who is doing the assessment of his case, nor will that officer have any information as to which person or organization he is doing the cell assessment.

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