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ENTREPRENEUR: job lost to farmers, earning millions from gardening


Horticulture has a very bright future. Just need to keep in mind that the demand and profit of that product should be good.

Question: How did the idea of ​​leaving the job to gardening come about?
When I used to come home on leave, I used to go to the bank with my father. Seen there, farmers are standing in long lines to increase the credit card limit. Banks used to plead with the authorities but the credit limit did not increase. To give respect to the farmers, a thought came in my mind that I will also do gardening. I got ready I gathered information for gardening and decided to cultivate lemon.
Question: How did gardening begin, how much did it cost?
From the beginning of gardening, go and gather information about guava, mango, mentha etc. Searched from gardening experts to Google. Decided to plant lemonade. For this, we planted 1000 lemons on two acres of Israeli high density technology. It cost two lakh rupees. Keep caring constantly. 80 thousand rupees in the second year and third year Question: 8-9 lakh and this time the crop of about 12 lakhs has come.
Question: What will the youth looking for in gardening need to keep in mind?
Since gardening has a very bright future. If you have a farm for this, then the best thing is. Many institutes also offer courses for gardening at this time. In every district, horticulture can seek the help of center experts. Quality and care of plants and seeds have to be taken care of. Organic farming is in great demand. Your advisor should be the master of that field.
Question: What is the planning ahead?
Going into food processing soon. Under this, we will make lemon jam, juices, pickles and powder. It is in great demand to boost immunity. Large companies are working in this area but it is not completely natural. The demand for lemon and its related products is high in Malaysia, the Philippines and the Gulf countries. Preparing for export. Some will start work after the necessary process is completed.

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