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During the Kovid era, there was a growth of 197 percent in exports, 120.34 percent increase in trade deficit.


New Delhi. In April 2021, India’s merchandise exports grew by 197 percent from their one-year low. According to data released by the government, exports to India stood at $ 30.21 billion, compared to $ 10.17 billion in April 2020. The official statement said that last month’s exports recorded an increase of 16.03 per cent over 26.04 billion in April 2019.

Increase in trade deficit
India’s merchandise imports stood at $ 45.45 billion in April 2021, an increase of 165.99 percent over 17.99 billion in April 2020 and 7.22 percent over 7.2.3 billion in April 2019. The trade deficit in April 2021 was 15.24 billion, which increased by 120.34 percent in April 2020 at a trade deficit of $ 6.92 billion.

Non-petroleum export figures
In April 2021, non-petroleum exports were valued at 26.85 billion, registering a positive growth of 200.62 percent over 8.93 billion in April 2020 and 19.44 percent over 22.48 billion in April 2019. Non-petroleum and non-gems and jewelery exports were valued at 23.51 billion in April 2021, registering an increase of 164.28 percent over 8.90 billion in April 2020.

Non-petroleum import statistics
Oil imports stood at 10.8 billion in April, an increase of 132.26 percent compared to 4.65 billion in April 2020. Non-oil imports were estimated at 34.65 billion in April, an increase of 178.6 percent compared to 12.44 billion in April 2020 and an increase of 12.42 percent compared to 30.82 billion in April 2019. The major commodity groups of exports that showed growth in April 2019 to April 2021 were iron ore, other cereals, oil meal, rice, cereal preparations, electronic goods, drugs and pharmaceuticals.


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