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Dry Fruits Price: Dry fruits may become more expensive till Diwali, due to these reasons including Taliban, prices will increase


Dry Fruits Price: Dry fruits can be more expensive till Diwali.


Taliban capture in Afghanistan Due to the Corona epidemic and other international developments affecting the import of almonds and pistachios from America, the upcoming festive season especially till Diwali. dry fruits (Dry Fruits Price) can become a bullish trend. Swapnil Khairnar, head of operations of Tradebridge, a company that provides online platform to wholesalers of dry fruits, said that due to developments in Afghanistan and decreasing US inflow, the trend of dry fruits has started to form.

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He told that most of the almonds in the country are imported from America, while figs come from Afghanistan. Half of the domestic demand for raisins is met from Afghanistan. For the last one month, the import of dry fruits from Afghanistan has almost stopped. However, the price of cashew will not increase much as most of the demand for cashew is met by the production of the country.

Khairnar believes that due to the boom in dry fruits on the upcoming Diwali, people may choose other options instead of giving dry fruits as gifts.

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Madhusudan Aggarwal, owner of Agrawal Dry Fruits Company, Chowk in Prayagraj, however, ruled out the possibility of a steep rise in dry fruits saying that the Afghan dry fruits imports from the Attari border have been marginally affected and will continue for the next 15-20 days. The situation is expected to return to normal.

He said that the retail price of standing almonds imported from Afghanistan is Rs 800 per kg, which has increased by Rs 50-60 in the last 20 days. On the other hand, the price of fig has increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 per kg, while raisins are up by Rs 100 to Rs 600 per kg. Although cashew is stable at Rs 800.

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