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Double Inflation hits the general public, Wholesale Inflation also increases after Retail Inflation


new Delhi. To the general public Corona virus There are major setbacks in the unlock. Now the inflation has received double shock to the general public. After the rise in retail inflation on Monday, the rate of wholesale inflation has also increased on Tuesday. The special thing is that inflation has increased more than what was predicted by the experts. Let us tell you that the retail inflation rate has also increased more than anticipated. Let us also tell you what kind of figures have been presented by the government.

Wholesale inflation increased
According to the data released by the government, the wholesale inflation rate has gone up to -1.81 per cent in the month of June, while the wholesale inflation rate has increased in May. Wholesale inflation in June was -3.21 percent in May. Whereas, the wholesale inflation in June was estimated to be -2.4 per cent. At the same time, wholesale food inflation has also increased in June, which has increased to 3.05 percent in June as compared to 2.31 percent in May. Wholesale inflation for primary products was -2.92 per cent in May, which has increased to -1.21 per cent in June.

They also increased
Fuel and power wholesale inflation was -13.60 percent in June, while in June it was -19.83 percent.
– Wholesale inflation of vegetables was -9.21 percent while in May it was -12.48 percent.
– Inflation in potato rose by 56.20 per cent as against 52.25 per cent in May.
– Onion’s wholesale inflation witnessed relief, came down to -15.27 percent in June from 6.26 percent in May.
Wholesale milk inflation witnessed a decline, which has come down to 4.05 percent as against 5.44 percent in May.
The wholesale inflation rate of eggs, meat and fish rose to 4.45 per cent as against 1.94 per cent in the month of May.


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