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Donald Trump may show 156 companies in China a way out of US Stock Exchanges


new Delhi. US President Donald Trump ( US President Donald Trump ) Does not have a keen eye on the Chinese companies who are consuming data of Americans. Rather, all those companies listed in the US markets (Chinese Listed Companies in American Stock Exchanges) hang the trumpet. That is, 156 companies in China can be shown the way out of America, including Baidu or Sina Corp, but also Alibaba and other big companies. The Wall Street Journal reported that the US is working on a plan of action against companies that do not comply with the rules. Let us also tell you what kind of proposal is being brought by the American government.

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Chinese companies will be tightened like this
According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Trump Administration is working on a proposal to put more and more pressure on Chinese companies. A mountain of those rules should be imposed so that it can leave its own country. According to the report, Chinese companies listed on the US stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq will be subject to US auditing regulators or will be unlisted from the stock market. According to the report, in order to follow the rules, Chinese auditors will have to share accounting documents with the US Government Special Audit Regulatory Public Company Accounting Inspection Board.

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Rules have to be followed
According to US media reports, senior officials of the Finance Ministry and the Security and Exchange Commission have been quoted saying that Chinese companies that are not listed, and are preparing to launch their IPO, will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Before these rules have to be followed. According to the report, President Donald Trun and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said whatever recommendations are there, they are congressional and equal rights.

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Otherwise, companies will be unlisted from the market
This proposal has been made law in the Senate. According to the law, if these rules are not followed within three years, Chinese companies will be removed from the stock market. Let us tell you that Ticketlock and WeChat have signed an executive order banning Chinese applications on behalf of Trump. Parent company Bytadas has been given until 15 September. India has earlier banned 106 Chinese companies, including Ticketcock and WeChat.


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