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Do Investment Planning after first job, invest here before 30s


new Delhi : The sooner you start economic planning, the better. If you too have started your first job or have spent so much time working that you are able to save a significant amount due to lack of responsibilities at present, then this is the best time. Simply put, if you still do not understand, if you are in the late 20s or have stepped in 30, then you should start investing while being aware of the investment. Which are the investments in which you should invest?

Corona worst economic crisis of 100 years, Indian economy is showing improvement – Shaktikanta Das

GOLD Investment- Gold price (GOLD PRICE) is skyrocketing. Even at the time of this epidemic, when the whole world is troubled, stock markets are crashing, even then gold is giving profits. Experts believe that this price of gold should be used as an opportunity. Which means right now is the right time to buy gold (INVEST IN GOLD) so that you can take advantage of it in future.

Debt Mutual FUND
This category of Mutual Funds is suitable for investors who want to earn guaranteed returns from investment. These mutual funds earn returns by investing in corporate bonds, government securities, treasury bills, commercial papers, etc. So if you also fall in this category and want to take a little less risk, then it will be beneficial for you to invest in it.

National Pension System (nps) –

The low fee structure of the National Pension System (nps) makes it an attractive investment option. It is the least expensive product in the country among market-related products. It has also become an investor choice due to tax-exemptions. The even better thing is that NPS facilitates partial withdrawal of children in education, marriage, home building or in the event of a medical emergency.

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