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Despite being a festive month, banks will open more days in the month of November, know the special reason behind it


new Delhi. The month of November is very special in terms of banking sector and holidays. The reason is that this month, the festivals celebrated with joy in the whole country are falling on Sundays and Saturdays only. In such a situation, banks will remain open for the rest of the weekdays. The effect of this is that due to the Karth festival, banks will not have long holidays. Just Gurunanak Jayanti which is on 30 November and falling on Monday, banks will be closed all over the country. Some special festivals which are celebrated in a respective state, the banks will be closed on that day. Let us also tell you on which day the banks will be closed all over the country.

Banks will remain closed all over the country on these dates
– All banks in the country will remain closed on Sunday, November 1.
– November 8 will be closed due to Sunday.
– November 14 will be closed due to the second Saturday (also Diwali).
– November 15 will be closed due to Sunday.
– It will be closed on Sunday, 22 November.
– Banks will be closed due to the fourth Saturday on 28 November.
– On 29 November, it will be closed due to Sunday.
According to RBI guidelines, banks in Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong, will be closed on November 6 due to Wangla.

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Banks will remain closed locally
– Ahmedabad, Belapur, Bangaliri, Gangtok, Kanpur, Lucknow, Mumbai and Nagpur have a new year according to the Vikram Samvat and all banks will remain closed on 16 November as it is a festival of brotherhood with Chitragupta Jayanti.
– Banks will be closed on the occasion of Ningol Chakkouba in Gangtok and Imphal on 17 November.
– Banks will be closed on November 20 and 21 due to Chhath Puja in Bihar.
– Banks in Shillong will remain closed on 23 November due to Seng Kutsnem.

But from here you can do banking
Staying closed at the local level does not mean that you will be left with banking facilities. In the meantime, after all the branches are closed, Bavjuu can avail tax services through mobile, online and internet banking all the way. Let us tell you that due to Corona virus, RBI is telling all account holders to take advantage of online and internet banking facilities. So that banks and ATMs are least crowded and citizens of the country are not vulnerable to corona virus.

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