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Corona virus epidemic: India is in Danger zone, lockdown may come again, Japanese research firm Nomura feared


India’s decision to unlock the lockdown in a phased manner could be detrimental in the coming days. Japanese financial research firm Nomura has listed India among the 15 countries where relaxation of the lockdown could lead to a more rapid increase in cases of corona virus infection and consequent re-lockdown. In its research, Nomura placed 45 countries in the world in 3 categories. First- On Track, Second- Warning Sign and Third- Danger Zone. Nomura has placed India in the Danger Zone.

According to research, removing lockdown will create two types of situations. The first is described as good. After the relaxation of the lockdown, the movement of people will increase and commercial services will start, although there will be a slight increase in new cases every day. The second situation will be worse than the first.

Danger Zone

Those countries are placed in this zone, where there is a strong possibility of another wave of corona virus. India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Sweden, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Chile and Ecuador are included in this list.

On track

There are a total of 17 countries, including Australia, Korea, France, Thailand, Israel, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, and 8 other countries, where the corona virus is not expected to recur.

Warning sign

13 countries including the US, UK Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Germany are included, with mild signs of Corona Wave returning again.

Record 9996 new corona patients died in 24 hours in the country, 357 died

In the last 24 hours, there have been 9996 cases of Corona virus in the country and with this the total number of cases has increased to 2 lakh 86 thousand 579. During this time 357 people lost their lives in the country. So far 8102 people have died in the country. Since yesterday, 5823 patients have been cured. However, the news of relief in the meantime is that now more people have been cured with the active case. The number of active cases in the country now is 1 lakh 37 thousand 448, while 1 lakh 41 thousand 29 people have been cured.

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The number of people infected with Kovid-19 across the country is going to touch 3 lakh soon. Of this, one-third cases have been reported in just ten days in the month of June. The first case of Kovid-19 in India was reported on 30 January, but after that, the number of cases of infected people reached one lakh on 18 May, more than 100 days.

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