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Consortia 2019 – Blockchain Conference For Trade and Receivables Finance


Consortia 2019, is the first international conference that is bringing together the significant consortiums pioneering blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for trade or trade and receivables finance to the business and financial community.

We.trade, Komgo and Voltron will be meeting at this major international conference – Consortium 2019, which will be held in May at London. At the consortium, all the blockchain pioneers will be showcasing their case studies, demonstrate them, and discussing in the panel on ways and how blockchain would begin to transform the trade and finance in the future. The main aim of this blockchain event to find out what these consortiums are offering to the global trade and receivable finance sector and to see how each one of them differ and how innovative they are from each other and what is in store for them in future.

Dani Cotti, Managing Director, Centre of Excellence, Banking & Trade, Marco Polo said: “Blockchain and DLT is showing huge promise in being able to revolutionise the way trade and receivables finance is being transacted. At Consortia 2019 I fully expect people to come away with completely new thinking in the way banks will perceive the future of this sector”.

Roberto Mancone, Chief Operating Officer, we.trade commented: “Interest in blockchain technology within trade and receivables finance has developed immensely in the last 18 months. The we.trade platform addresses the expectations of companies to make cross-border trade more straightforward and for banks to reimagine their trade finance product offerings. For the first time, competitors are joining forces to solve all the complexities of trade finance and to look at creating a network of networks. Consortia 2019 is an opportunity for trade finance banks and other interested parties to find out about what’s happening right now in this space, and what the future holds for simple, seamless and trustful trade.”

This Consortia 2019, will be providing an opportunity for the discussion to explore the new business opportunities, explore the business opportunities these new technologies offer to banks, funders, SMEs, government bodies, trade bodies, and corporates.

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