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Changed form 26AS, information will have to be given to income tax on purchasing property


new Delhi : If you have bought a property or done a major transaction in this year and you feel that you are going to the Income Tax Department ( income tax department), you are living in a misunderstanding. In fact, this year when you file your income tax return, you will realize that you are living in a big misunderstanding because all the big financial transactions such as withdrawing cash from the bank or buying and selling some kind of movable real estate are now Form 26as I already exist.

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CBDT says that taxpayers will now be able to file their income tax easily and authoritatively on the tax, from the assessment year, the tax payers will be given a new 26As form ‘which will contain all the details of the taxpayer’s financial transactions There is a reference in the finance transaction of various kernel.

Let us tell you that earlier Form 26as used to have some other tax information in addition to the information of TVS and TCS associated with a PAN card, but now it will have SFT so that taxpayers will remember all big financial transactions (Financial Transaction) And help in filing tax file.

However, the concern of many taxpayers is that if any information is wrong then what to do in such a situation, on this the tax expert says that the party will have the system to check the prefilled information, if any information is wrong, then while filling the return, you For this, the IT department will ask you to answer it.


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