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Cent Kalyani Scheme: Women will get 1 crore loan without guarantee, this bank will help


new Delhi.
Cent Kalyani Scheme: To promote women entrepreneurs and establish their own employment, the Central Government is running a number of schemes. The government is providing financial assistance to women under these schemes through banks. St. Kalyani Yojana is also proving to be helpful for women entrepreneurs.

Central Bank of India provides special loan facility to women entrepreneurs under this scheme at affordable rates. Under this scheme, the DHS scheme of loan is provided to women by the Central Bank of India. That is, women can apply for their working capital, purchasing machinery or equipment or other relevant business needs. The scheme is intended to help women establish their own businesses or expand existing ones.

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Benefits of saint kalyani scheme
The Central Bank of India provides loans to micro and small-scale businesses in the manufacturing and service industries to women under this scheme. This includes Handicraft Makers, Tailors, Doctors, Beauty Parlors, Garment Making, Transport Business etc.

Loan facility up to one crore
Under the St. Kalyani scheme, women entrepreneurs are given loan facility up to one crore. The interest rate under this scheme is 9.70%. If the women want to start their new venture or want to revise it, then they are given the benefit of the DHS scheme of loan by the Central Bank of India. Under this scheme, this loan can be availed by women entrepreneurs who are involved in business ventures like village, small and medium industries, self-employment, agricultural retail trade.

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