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Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs without debit cards, this facility is available in these banks


new Delhi. Cashless transfection is being promoted due to Coronavirus Pandemic. People are also avoiding going to ATM due to infection. In such a situation, in view of the safety of the people, many banks are offering the facility of withdrawal of Cardless Cash Withdrawal. With this, you will be able to withdraw cash even without debit card. This can also prevent online fraud. This facility of cardless cash will be available only at your bank’s ATM. That is, this card will not be available in any other bank’s ATM.

These days the cardless cash withdrawal facility is being provided by SBI, ICICI Bank and Bank of Baroda etc. But many people do not know about it, due to which the customers are not able to take advantage of it. In such a situation, we will tell you how to use it.

Bank contact required
Fewer banks have started the facility of withdrawing cardless cash. Therefore, customers of all banks may not get the benefit. Therefore, you have to first know whether your bank has started this service or not. For this, you should contact your local branch or look for details online. If you are getting service, then download your bank’s app on your mobile. For example, if you are a SBI customer then download the YONO app. Now go to ‘YONO cash option’, then click on ‘cash on mobile’ option. Similarly, if you are a customer of Bank of Baroda, then download the BOB MConnect plus app.

Cash will be generated from mobile PIN
Fill the amount of cash you want to withdraw. Now OK the transaction, then enter the PIN of the banking app.
The bank will send an OTP to your registered mobile number, which will be for a fixed time. Put it in the ATM.
Choose the option of ‘card-less cash withdrawal’. Enter your mobile number and OTP. Finally put the amount. After doing this, the cash will come out.


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