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careful! Is the call from the bank real or fraudulent? Know these ways


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Bank Alert: It is very important for people to be alert when a call comes from the bank. Because cyber criminals make people their victims in new ways. Actually, cyber thugs become fake bank officers and make fake calls and cheat you for money in the name of verification. This is the reason that banks frequently alert their customers through messages, e-mails (Bank Cyber ​​Attack).

There have been many such cases in which cyber thugs take money out of people’s accounts by becoming bank officers or employees. These thugs are so vicious that they are extremely difficult to catch. But, keeping in mind a few things can avoid such fraud. But, the big question is, how to find out whether the call on the bank’s name is fake or real?

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Know like this
If someone calls you on behalf of the bank and asks you for one time password (OTP), expiry date, secure password, credit / debit card number, card’s CVV number, ATM PIN or internet banking login ID, password and other personal information If asked, you should be alerted immediately. Such calls are completely fake. Let us tell you that the bank does not take any kind of information from its customers through calls.

Have to be alert
Bank officials never call any customer for information related to his account. If you have any such call, do not answer it and do not forget to share the information (OTP), expiry date, secure password, credit / debit card number, CVV number of the card, etc. You can be cheated for money by doing so.

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Notify bank
If anyone has obtained bank information from you in a fake way, then you should inform the bank immediately. Because cyber thugs can break into your account and empty the account.

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