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By installing solar panel, you will get electricity for 25 years in less money, know how


new Delhi. Solar energy is in demand nowadays. It is also a good means of earning. In today’s time, it is very important to have enough sources of energy to come under the category of developed nation. There is also a better source solar panel in the number of energy sources. In today’s time, the focus of the government is on solar energy. It can also be good to earn together.

The special thing is that you can install the solar panel anywhere. The tension of a huge electricity bill can also be ended. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the Central Government provides 30 percent subsidy on rooftop solar plant (solar plant) to the solar panelists. It costs about 1 lakh rupees to install rooftop solar panel without subsidy.

Solar panels have several advantages. With the rising inflation, electricity is also becoming increasingly expensive, this is directly impacting the household budget of the people. However, reducing the electricity bill is not very difficult. For this, you have to install solar panels on your roof. If there is good sunlight on the roof of your house, then you can use the solar panel on the roof in two ways.

The Modi government at the Center wants to bring the production of green energy to 175 GW by 2022 in the country. Because of this, you can also get the benefit of the subsidy received by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for installing solar systems.

Know how you can save money in electricity

A solar panel costs around one lakh rupees. If you install a two-kilowatt solar panel on the roof of your house, it will generate about 10 units of electricity in the event of sunlight for 10 hours of the day. If we calculate the month, then a two-kilowatt solar panel will generate about 300 units of electricity.

Solar panels purchased this way

You can contact the Renewable Energy Development Authority of the state government to purchase solar panels.
– Offices have been established in major cities of the states.
– Solar panels are also available with private dealers in every city.
– The authority has to be approached first to take a loan.
– The form for subsidy will also be received from the authority office itself.

Battery lasts 10 years

Solar panels are 25 years old. Solar panel does not cost metnance, but the battery has to be changed once every 10 years. It costs about 20 thousand rupees. This solar panel can be easily moved from one place to another.

Keep these things in mind

– You are not doing the exercise of installing solar panels to make electricity just for your use. You are giving electricity generated from solar panels to the electricity grid.
– Electricity coming from the electric poles in your house will continue to come as before.
– Many state governments have created Group Net Metering (GNM) and Virtual Net Metering (VNM) frameworks for this.
– With this, houses and cooperative group housing societies can get electricity at cheap price.
If you want, you can easily install solar panels on the roofs of your house. This will not only reduce your electricity bill, but the cost of solar panel will come out in a few years, which will free your electricity consumption.

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