BS-III effect: 2-wheelers compaines offers discount up to Rs 22K till tomorrow


New Delhi: Two-wheeler companies have increased the scope of the discount on this model since the order of ban on sale BS-III standard vehicles from April 1. up to 22 thousand rupees discount being given on the two-wheeler. But these offer on BS-III models for two-wheelers is only until March 31. On the Cruise Bike of the Triumph BS-III Emission Standard, there is a discount of up to Rs 3 lakh in Mumbai.

To sell its BS-III standard motorcycles and scooters, two two-wheeler companies are applying full strength and so this huge rebate is being given to the customers. This announcement of companies has come just a day after the order of the Supreme Court in which has been said that order has been given to banning registration on two-wheelers with BS-III standards from April 1.

22 thousand discounts on HONDA vehicles

Major automakers such as Hero Moto Carp, HMSI, Bajaj Auto and Suzuki Motorcycle have announced a rebate of up to 22 thousand rupees on many of their models. Hero has offered a discount of 12,500 on the sale of their scooters, a discount of 7500 on premium motorcycles and a discount of 5000 on entry level motorcycles. On the other hand, Honda has made a discount of 22000 rupees on all two-wheelers. These companies are making a final effort to get the maximum two-wheeler sales on their BS3 standard vehicles before March 31.

Auto companies bets after Supreme Court order

In fact, the Supreme Court dismissed the petitions of the automobile companies which had an appeal to increase the period of purchase and distribution of BS-III vehicles. The order of the court became alarming for automobile companies and relief for buyers, Because, after two days i.e., the condition of the vehicles standing in the showroom from April 1 will be like thousand five hundred notes ban situation.

Drawbacks in BS-III

According to the new road and motor vehicle act, the headlights should remain on the road while driving on the road. The headlights of the BS-III vehicles has the option to switched on or off if needed. If you forget to turn on, then you have to fill the challan. At the same time, BS-III is behind pollution standards, That is, it spreads more pollution than BS-IV. But the people are still in the middle of the discount. According to the figures, there are around eight lakh BS-III vehicles across the country. Among them, seven million are of two wheelers and three wheelers. Out of the remaining four wheelers are counted only sixty thousand. From April 1, only BS-IV vehicles will be built and sold in the country.

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