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Bristol City to use Blockchain Technology for Pollution Control


Pollution on Earth is increasing day by day due to various factors such as deforestation, emission of harmful gases from factories, vehicles and many other ways. People are trying various ways to handle pollution. Since this is the era of technology, various steps are being taken for pollution control. Blockchain is now helping to control pollution more effectively.

The Bristol City Council is working in a similar area for a green, clean city and is aiming to create a carbon-neutral city by the end of 2030. Bristol city has collaborated with the blockchain based energy company from Manchester, EnergiMine. It will provide incentives to the employees on showcasing the energy efficient behaviours, which in turn would help them to keep the city carbon-free.

Every day people take various decisions which can contribute to the prevention of air pollution such as choosing the mode of transport or planting a tree. Now, such users or the employees can register on the blockchain, and which will store all the decision made by the user on the blockchain. Any pro-environmental action taken will get rewarded in the form of tokens, And these tokens can be spent in various ways as per the user’s wish. Like paying the taxes, public transportation, shopping etc

The most popular environmental agreement called the “Paris Agreement” that was voluntarily signed by 196 countries long back in 2015 committing to fight the pollution. When this was verified last year, the levels were not up to the mark as per reports of PwC. However, with the blockchain technology keeping a record and data of this commitment will be easier since it is transparent, public and also aids international co-operation due to which countries can explore what others are doing in maintaining low levels of pollution.

It seems that the National governments are trying to use the technology for more and more benefits plus local governments are also cooperating with the national governments to implement these tasks.

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