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Bollywood celebs saddened by Kerala plane crash, mourning by tweeting


In the late evening of Friday, a plane crash occurred in Kerala, which shook everyone. An Air India Express plane carrying 190 people from Dubai under the Vande India Mission crashed on the Kozhikode runway in Kerala and caused a major accident. The aircraft crashed into two halves, falling into a ditch about 50 feet deep in the valley adjacent to the airport.

Bollywood celebs are also shocked by the incident and are reacting to the incident on social media.

As a matter of fact, Air India Express plane fell into the ditch on Friday after slipping on the runway during the landing amid heavy rains, after which the aircraft flew off. Officials said the plane crashed into two parts after the crash, killing 17 people on board.

Police and airlines officials said the dead included chief pilot Captain Deepak Sathe and his co-pilot Akhilesh Kumar. Sathe was the first wing commander in the Indian Air Force. Air India Express said in a statement released at midnight, “Unfortunately the pilots have died and we are in touch with their families in this hour of grief.”

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