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GoodTime NationJanuary 14, 2018


The blockchain is bringing revolution across the various industries. For the first time in human history with the help of computing, we are now able to transfer data, assets and money directly via peer to peer.

Experty is one such revolution of 2017, where knowledge transformation will happen peer to peer without any middleman in between. For Example, if a knowledge seeker needs advice from an expert, with the help of blockchain technology the knowledge can now directly connect with them over the call, where the call will be anonymous and the call price will be covered with the help of experty token.

Experty is not a platform:

Yes, it’s not a marketplace, rather the experts can make use of their existing social media platform, and avoid creating one more profile on one more platform. i.e experts can share their experty link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Knowledge seekers can then use this link to call the expert and get the advice. Payment will be instant with the help of smart contract on the blockchain.


The platform has already gained popularity and currently is backed by many advisors/brand advocate. The mainnet is expected to launch before the crowdsale.


The team is based out of Switzerland. The young team, which requires experience is sorted by the advisors currently onboard. The CEO has very few year of experience.

Token & ICO

The token given will be used for making calls, if the project scales according to the expectation, it will definitely see price appreciation of the token values. The team is raising very small cap of 33000 ETH, (~15 million) and it is justified.

ICO Participation

For Flipping: The cap is very limited, which will be filled very easily seeing the growth of cryptocurrency market. But its an ERC 233 token, which is not supported by most of the exchange. So can be an issue for flipping

Long Term: Project is very good and can be scalable, can give good returns in long runs.


GoodTime NationJanuary 10, 2018


Ripple which became top cryptocurrency of 2017 in terms of Return on Investment, also held second largest cryptocurrency position toward the end of December 2017 until 8th Jan 2018. Ripple (XRP to INR) is currently trading at Rs. 162. Which was trading at Rs. 12.57 during 15th September 2017.

Ripple market cap is currently $79,930,853,618. Recently coinmarketcap a popular website for cryptocurrency market capitalisation, removed certain Korean based exchanges in their market cap count, which reduce the market cap of all the cryptocurrencies relevant to Korean exchange. This reduced the price of XRP in INR from Rs. 200 to Rs. 160.

Most of the exchange in India deal with Bitcoin and Ethereum, only few trade Ripple. Ripple is gaining popularity, and we may see more exchange in India adopting Ripple. Currently, you can buy or invest in Ripple from these top Indian exchange below.

List of Exchanges that Trade XRP in INR

Koinex: A 6 months old startup based out of  Mumbai, currently supports Ripple along with other famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Koinex charges 0.25% fee on buy and 0.20% sell orders. Koinex has raised undisclosed funding from Pantera Captial. Update: New Registration, withdrawal and deposit are currently under hold on koinex

Bitbns: A few days old exchange from a popular price comparison website Buyhatke. Now the site supports Bitcoin and Ripple only. The site has gone viral with the attractive Flash Sale Campaigns. Users can trade cryptocurrency at zero fees till 31st January 2018, after that user will be charged 0.25% fee on buy and sell upto Rs.1 lac.

Coindelta: A cryptocurrency platform started in 2017. Currently supports seven cryptocurrencies along with Ripple in INR. A user can also trade five popular cryptocurrencies in BTC. Only buyer fee is charged at 0.30% on Coindelta currently. Update: New registration is now halted.

BtcxIndia:  The Exchange became the first exchange to trade Ripple coin in India. It was launched in March 2016 with the direct partnership of Ripple Lab. The exchange charge 1% fee on trading, which is very high currently among the other players in the market. Update: Deposits of XRP and INR are halted now.

Buycoin: Started in 2016, support 30+ cryptocurrency in India. They have zero trading fee. The other cryptocurrencies which they trade among the above are NEM, Lisk, Monero, Neo, Statis and many other.

Ripple has gained popularity towards the end of 2017; earlier it was only possible through the international exchange by converting Bitcoin and Ethereum. These startups in India has made it possible for Indian to trade cryptocurrencies in INR. Trading in Ripple is not yet regulated in India. The government of India has raised concern over the trading of digital currencies in India saying they don’t consider them as legal tender but have not passed notification for Ban. So it can be traded but at your own risk.

Investment in Ripple and other cryptocurrencies are subject to market risk, please do your research before investing in Ripple.

GoodTime NationJanuary 7, 2018


Ripple price surged at the end of 2017. The price of Ripple spiked from $0.006 at the start of Jan 2017 to $2.30 at the end of 2017. Which is 38233.34% up in one year. It became the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, which is around $122,201,082,854 (as of Jan 7th, 2018).

Since December 2017, the value of XRP has surged to 1131.91%, indicating potential investment assets for 2018. In last quarter of 2017, Teeka Tiwari, a flagship crypto advisor stated that “Ripple will be the coin of 2018.” Which came true after seeing the surge in the price of ripple. With ripple protocol being tested by the banks across the globe, indicate the sign of scalability of ripple protocol. As an investment, we would like our reader to do their research before investing.

What is Ripple?

Ripple founded in 2012,  is blockchain based transaction protocol designed for currency exchange, remittance and gross settlements. Ripple has both a transaction protocol which can be used by banks and financial institution and a cryptocurrency which can be used by banks and individuals.

Difference Between Ripple and XRP?

RippleNet – A protocol designed to help banks and financial institution. Banks can use RippleNet to send cross-border transaction faster than their existing solution SWIFT, RippleNet is an alternative solution to SWIFT for banks, which is faster and low cost.

XRP – Is a cryptocurrency developed by Ripple that can be traded or can be used by user or banks as a transnational currency, cost of the transaction with XRP is very very low compared to other cryptocurrencies. Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be mined and is issued by Ripple Labs.

Is it better than Bitcoin?

XRP takes 4 seconds for a successful transaction, whereas bitcoin takes hours to complete. Although XRP has never been used like bitcoin, the scope is currently limited to banks. Bitcoin is fully decentralised, while Ripple Lab plays a vital role in distributing XRP.

Ripple is slowly gaining popularity over the search in google. Bitcoin which saw a spike after Ransomware attack in 2017 and also became second most search of 2017 in term of news, saw a dip in popularity after Ripple price surged at the end of 2017.

GoodTime NationDecember 14, 2017


Bitcoin Flash Sale – Buyhatke Offers Massively Discounted Bitcoins on the Launch of its New Crypto Platform

Buyhatke’s newly launched crytpocurrency platform is all ready to get set in motion. With the inauguration of this new platform, the brand is rolling out a massive flash sale on Bitcoins that is sure to keep the eyes of the investors glued for a little longer.

Buyhatke is one of the popular websites that make online shopping experience ecstatic. The browser add-on or the chrome extension offered by the website allows buyers to compare the prices of their favourite product from different websites like Flipkart and Amazon; know when the products are cheaper; get alerts for price drop & apply coupons automatically for the favourite product. Now the company is ready to give impulse to its all new crypto platform, Bitbns.

The Big Bitcoin Flash Sale

As a part of its celebrations of the newly launched platform, the company is rolling out “50% off on Bitcoins” offer. Highlight of the sale is the Bitcoin doubler that will allow buyers to double the value of the investment, i.e. if they invest Rs. 200, they will get Bitcoins worth Rs. 400. Buyers will be able to invest a maximum of Rs. 500 in this Bitcoin doubler offer, which means they can get Bitcoins worth Rs. 1000.

“Bitbns promises to become the easiest and fastest trading platform for cryptocurrencies for a billion Indians. To facilitate the adoption of the currency and to provide a boost to cashless economy, we want more people adopting the currency and hence we are launching a flash sale,” says Prashant Singh, Founder at Bitbns.

Bitcoin is so far, one of the largest crytpocurrency as per market capitalization that has already pulled a lot of attention and is currently trading at 17264.44 US Dollars. Its rising dollar value has helped push the market over all the thresholds.

If you also want to churn out maximum profits from this Big Bitcoin Flash Sale, don’t sit back. Just register yourself with Bitbns and get benefitted with the bonanza.

GoodTime NationNovember 8, 2017


Bitcoin2X or Segwit2X which was expected to occur on or around November 16th at block 494784 has been called off, This fork was supposed to increase the block size from 1MB to 2MB. The organiser of a controversial bitcoin scaling proposal has cancelled the attempt to increase the block size.

According to the report from Coindesk, The Suspension was announced over the email. Mike Belshe, CEO and Co-founder of Bitcoin Wallet BitGo,  One of the team member and leader for the Fork Segwit2X, He said its very much controversial to move ahead with the fork.

Unfortunately, it is clear that we have not built sufficient consensus for
a clean block size upgrade at this time. Continuing on the current path could divide the community and be a setback to Bitcoin’s growth. This was never the goal of Segwit2x.

He also added, “Until then, we are suspending our plans for the upcoming 2MB upgrade,” Other who supported the plan have also acknowledged the suspension. The group still gave a hint of meeting again in may 2018, with a hope to increase the block size after the more stakeholder agrees to it.

Litecoin CEO, Civic CEO and many other showed their protest of social media of cancelling the Segwit2X. They added No2X showing protest to Segwith2X. Immediately after this news, bitcoin surged to $7909.

Meanwhile, see the tweets on suspension by popular blockchain adapters,

Vinay Lingham replied:

Charli Lee Lite Coin Creator Tweeted

GoodTime NationOctober 27, 2017


Hubii Network blockchain based content marketplace has announced their partnership with Omisego. OmiseGo is a blockchain based digital wallet that enables payment.

Jacobo, CEO of Hubii Network announced this news on medium. Where he said, over the last week he met various companies in Europe and Asia. One of them was Omisego. He further added that upon meeting Omisego he felt that both the companies are working on the same mission, that is empowering users. With this partnership, Hubii network which is already enabling users to control their content now will be able to enable them with the financial decision as well.

Hubii already serves content to 50 million customers, generating millions of transactions across the world every day. We are working to move those volumes to Hubii Network and blockchain.

Vansa, Managing Director of OmiseGo also said,

“We are pleased Hubii Network will be using OmiseGO’s innovations in scalable smart contracts to solve the issues around micro-payments. We believe the OmiseGO fully public network and decentralized payment platform will bring an unprecedented level of financial freedom to the content industry,”

Meanwhile, June, Founder of Omise also said not to believe any third parties announcing the partnership with OmiseGo until announced on their official Twitter handle. He tweeted


After this news, the Omisego stock price raised nearly 6%. This partnership will help Hubii Network users to get the payment easier than before.


GoodTime NationOctober 10, 2017


Russia: Central Bank of Russia will block the exchange sites that do trading in crypto currencies. Russian Central Bank First Deputy Governor Sergei Shvetsov said on Tuesday. He called them “dubious”. Russian financial authorities stated earlier that any sort of money issued by non approved state institution will be treated as illegal, saying that this could be used for money laundering.

Later the authorities accepted seeing the booming market of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but want to either regulate it or limit the access to the market to avoid high risk for economy. “We cannot stand apart. We cannot give direct and easy access to such dubious instruments for retail (investors),” Shvetsov said, referring to households.

At the conference on financial market derivatives, Shvetsov said the central bank sees interest in crypto-currencies because of high returns from buying into such instruments.

He warned, however, that crypto-currencies gradually transform into high-yielding assets from being a mean of payment. Bitcoin, the most well-known virtual currency that emerged in mid-2010, last traded at around $4,807, up from its initial price of less than $1.

“We think that for our citizens, for businesses the usage of such crypto-currencies as an investment object carries unreasonably high risks,” he said. Russian authorities said earlier this year they would like to regulate the use of crypto-currencies by Russian citizens and companies. Earlier the central back took U turn after seeing the involvemment in president Putin in cryptocurrency. Putin also met Vitalik, founder of Etherum, when the legal status of cryptocurrencies was unclear. Putin co-owned company planned to raise $100 million in an ico to fund a domestic mining operation.

Earlier in September China banned ICO and crypto exchanges, But russia planned to regulate the cryptocurrency like other securities rathan than outlawing them. Recently South Korea banned the ICO and the sale of new cryptocurrency. But the ban did not affect the crypto market. While people are still participating from South Korea in Many ICO.

How to Access Cryptoexchange from Russia.

With the help of VPN( Virtual Private Network), Ban sites in Russia can be accessed by Changing the IP of other countries. Though you will be asked in certain exchange to verify the ip address. Here are the following step to access.

  1. Download Avast Secureline
  2. Install the Avast Secureline
  3. Open, Go to Privacy and select the country from where you want to access your account


4. Check your IP address to Confirm. Go to Google and Type My Ip Address and Go to site https://whatismyipaddress.com/ to verify it

Anupreet KaurSeptember 27, 2017


Soon, Japan is going to launch their own cryptocurrency in the market. This coin can be named J-Coin. Bank of Japan is going to give one more cashless option. Mizuho Financial Group is the first institute that is moving fast in this direction.

The bank’s spokesperson said on Wednesday that this project is in the initial phase. Round of meetings with other institutions is happening. This project also includes various banks, in which the Bank of Japan is also included. It is expected that this J-Coin can be released during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

However, Mizuho Bank has refused to disclose the partner institutions and the launching date of J-Coin. The bank’s spokesperson has said that the project has not been approved by the regulator yet and the information has been sought for the same. It will be launched in front of the Japanese currency yen and hopefully, this digital currency will work on the mobile app.

Mizuho has been working on digital currency for the last several months. They are also working on blockchain technology which is essential for the cryptocurrency. In the beginning of this year, the bank has seen the completion of sending a special document through its blockchain technology project from Japan to Australia.

Significantly, Japan has approved bitcoin early this year and big retailers are accepting it. Yet a large number of people in Japan use cash. The government is looking into the mood to stop it with the help of J-Coin.

Read more about cryptocurrency news



GoodTime NationSeptember 15, 2017


China: By midnight on Sept. 15, all Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchanges must halt new user registration and issue a public notice detailing when the exchange will formally close, according to a policy document seen by Caixin and confirmed by a source close to regulators.

The document, issued by the Beijing branch of a central bank-led committee overseeing internet financial risks, also required all cryptocurrency exchanges under its purview to submit detailed plans to exit the market by 6:00 p.m Beijing time on Sep. 20. They must also confirm bank accounts used for client funds, and register with the central bank by the same deadline.

All exchange shareholders, controllers, members of senior management, and personnel in charge of finances and key technology must remain in Beijing to cooperate with authorities.

The newspaper said the Beijing city regulator held talks with crypto-currency exchanges in the city on Friday.

It also cited another notice issued by a Beijing city group in charge of overseeing internet finance risks as saying exchanges must announce an immediate stop to new user registrations by Friday.

GoodTime NationSeptember 13, 2017


OmiseGo officially announced the airdrop. An Airdrop is a basically a giveaway given by the company to its token or assets holders.  OmiseGo decided to give airdrop token to Eth holder with minimum 0.1ETH at block height 3988888. 5% of the ETH will be rewarded as OMG token. OmiseGo airdrop was previously decided on Sep 4th but later the team dropped and didn’t not mentioned why it was postponed.

OmiseGo announced the airdrop by tweeting on the twitter handle.

OmiseGo in their blog post also said this is the first Airdrop and this will not be the last. Those who missed the Airdrop today don’t worry company will give such opportunities in future as well.

Meanwhile the price of the OmiseGo dropped after after this announcement but this is can be seen as the parallel effect of the market crash. ETH dropped to $261. The coin is recently listed on Binance.

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