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Bitfinex Launched a Decentralized Crypto Exchange


With most cryptocurrency traders attention shifting toward decentralized trading platforms and exchanges, Bitfinex who prides itself as the most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange has collaborated with EOS.io to launch a decentralized exchange called EOSfinex. The unveiling of a beta version of the Decentralized exchange took place on September 26th at the Blockchain Live in London.

Introduction to EOSfinex

The newly created decentralized exchange is been described as a high-performance, decentralised exchange built on EOS.io. technology. The exchange is built around three specific pillars governing the Decentralized network. These pillars are; performance, Trust, and Decentralization.

Decentralized exchanges are built around a foundation of transparency, speed and integrity. Although still in its beta version, the EOSfinex platform is said to embody all these factors. Bitfinex made it known that the exchange is designed to help with the facilitation of highly-scalable network of peer-to-peer value exchanged.

Bitfinex also claims that EOSfinex will be adopting a transparent and auditable exchange model, whereby users from on the network can easily monitor and verify the transactions on the exchange.

Features of EOSfinex

The EOSfinex platform will launch with EOS/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/USD listed and available for exchange. The exchange is expected to add more pairs as time goes on. The platform is going to support the following order types: market orders, limit orders, immediate-or-cancel orders, and post-only orders. The number of order types is also expected to increase with time.

Several people have shown interest in the beta version of EOSfinex and several questions are also being asked by these potential users online, especially on Twitter.

The CEO of the block.one, Brendan Blumer tweeted:

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