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Big news for post office RD customers, now installments can be deposited by 31 July


new Delhi.
Post Office RD Scheme: Important news for the post office or bank recurring deposit RD customers. The government has relaxed the rules related to the scheme. The government has allowed customers to deposit installments of March, April, May and June by 31 July. With this, customers will not have to pay any additional fees or default fees. Explain that the government has given relief to those who could not deposit the installments of March, April, May due to Corona crisis. Explain that the Post Office RD Scheme is a scheme in which you can get good returns by investing very little money.

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Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme
A minimum of Rs 100 can be invested in the post office recurring deposit scheme. In this scheme, returns are given according to the fixed interest. Explain that the maximum maturity period in RD is up to 10 years. The Post Office RD account can be opened for five years, but you can extend it further. The special thing is that in this you can also deposit money online.

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Who can apply
Any person can open an account under the post office recurring deposit scheme. In this, individual and two adult persons can jointly open a joint RD account. Explain that RD has the facility of both single account and joint account. The account of a child above 10 years of age can also be opened, but it will be the responsibility of the guardian to look after it.

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