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Bharat Bond ETF is an opportunity to earn, subscription starts tomorrow


new Delhi: There are huge earning opportunities in the share market but it is important that you identify the right opportunity. If you invest in the stock market then you must know about Bharat Bond ETF and you will also know that it is a strong earning opportunity, but if you have recently started investing in the stock market, then tell you That tomorrow the Government of India is going to issue the Bharat Bond ETF second trench once again.

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These exchange traded funds invest in ‘AAA’ rated bonds of government companies. Which means full guarantee for your money. The first series of ETFs came in December 2019 and was then subscribed 1.7 times, raising more than Rs 12,000 crore.

Subscription will open on July 14 New fund offer (NFO) of Bharat Bond ETF is opening on 14 July (Bharat Bond ETF Subscription). It can be invested till July 17.

How many days will be matured – These bonds come with 2 maturity options. The first option is for bonds maturing in 5 years. In the second 11 years, that is, the 5-year bond will mature in 2025 and the second in 2031.

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How much can you invest? A minimum investment of Rs 1000 can be done during NFO. After this, investments can be made in multiples of 1000 rupees. A maximum investment of Rs 2,00,000 will have to be made. Institutional investor will have to invest at least Rs 2,01,000

The convenience of selling anytime is- There will be no lock-in period in these bonds, you can sell them on these exchanges anytime. But you will have to pay 20% tax on the earnings from them.

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