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‘Bhabiji is at home’ fame Shubhangi Atre left Tiktok, told fans- you too abandon it


‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ fame Shubhangi Atre aka ‘Anguri Bhabhi’ recently deleted his Tiktok account. Actually, they have done this by supporting the local campaign. Deleting the app, Shubhangi Atre said that I left Tiktok because I want to support local business. I do not want outside apps to affect the economy of our country.

Shubhangi further says that it is true that it is a popular medium and can be used for promotional activities in future. But I will remain firm on my decision and will not use this app. There are many mediums which are local, I will use them now. I hope that others will also use the local platforms more by deleting it.

Fans are missing him a lot due to not appearing on Tiktok. Talking about this, Shubhangi says that yes, I had a lot of Tiktok fans. Now I cannot ask so many people to leave this platform together. This is my way of saying no to products outside the country. Especially at a time when he gave so much trouble to our country, his army and soldiers.

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Shubhangi Atre supports the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, saying that I always believed in this campaign. I love buying handlooms. Even at home, I have bought jute carpet, decoration items, many things from local artist. Modi ji has asked us to support it, so now I will try to buy these things. Although foreign products have made our lives easier, but we need to focus on Indian products. I was watching at home how many foreign products I had. All of us should come forward and support this campaign and think about the interest of the country.

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