Bengaluru Becomes the First City to Get Diesel Delivered at Doorstep


Bengaluru has become the first city in the country where diesel, will be transported to the people house same as the milk, newspaper. Recently, the Central Government as per the news was planning to launch such a scheme, but it has not happened yet.

Started a year ago, MyPetrolPump Startup has introduced this feature called ‘Dieselwala’. This startup has just launched three vehicles, whose capacity is 950 litres. So far, 5 thousand litres of diesel deliveries have been done through these three vehicles. The diesel is being provided with that day’s price and fixed delivery charges to the people.

Up to 100 litres, the delivery charge of 99 for diesel is set. For this, people have to pay diesel price and more than Rs 1 per litre. The startup has got 20 more customers, out of which there are 16 schools (250-300 buses), and some are apartments. To order diesel at home, anyone can order it online, phone calls or download a free app.

Student of IIT Dhanbad and Founder of MyPetrolPump Ashish Kumar Gupta said, “We are in touch with the Petroleum Ministry since September 2016. After explaining to the officials about our plans, we met twice minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He appreciated this beginning.”


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