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Bank of Hodlers – Building a Customer-First Bank Leveraging Blockchain


Bengaluru based Bank of Hodlers launched its crypto products and services as a part of their startup.Bank of Holders was founded recently in 2018 by Sanju Sony Kurian and Darshan Bathija.

The mission of the bank of Holders is to provide the crypto holders with the power to make full use of the assets, by enabling them to use cryptocurrency in their day to day lives as well as have the cryptocurrency grow in size and value.

Bank of Hodlers also making it secure and the bank aims in building a banking system which is more swift, safe and decentralized than a traditional bank, i.e., by using Blockchain. The bank of Holders offers other services that include

– Insurance against theft
– Crypto backed loans
– Crypto credit cards.

These products and services are being offered to overseas only which mainly includes the US, UK, and Australian markets only.

Earlier in February, the bank of Holders did confirm that it is looking for a partnership with other companies with banking licenses to offer crypto credit cards and other solutions. Bhatija said, “Being always on the right side of capitalism, I could sense all the money was being made at customer’s risk.”
Bhatija has explained that the innovation of cryptocurrency in India is limited to primary level, I.e., buying and selling. However, “what we are doing is that we are treating cryptocurrencies as an asset class and are opening up financial instruments against that. We are opening up banking services against cryptocurrencies. It is different from what other crypto startups are doing in this space in India.”

“They are enablers, we are innovators. The exchanges are not making crypto usable but accessible. We are making crypto usable,” he added.

But the only disappointment is that where India is making progress and offering services in world-class crypto products and services, but it is unable to provide in its own country amidst all the regulatory hurdles.

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