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Balaram of ‘Mahabharata’ was made at the age of 14, Chetan Hansraj


Amid lockdown, the popular Mahabharata is once again being broadcast. It is once again getting a lot of love from the audience. Along with Re-Telecast, its characters are once again in the news. Do you know that actor Hansraj played the role of Balarama in ‘Mahabharata’. He played the young character of Balarama in the show. His work was so liked that during school days, the fans used to send him lots of letters.

Chetan told that at that time he used to get a lot of mail from fans, which he always used to reply before going to school. During an interview with ETimes, he said, I was 14 when I played Balaram in the Mahabharata. It was a different feeling for me. We all received a lot of messages and feedback from the fans through letters. In those days, I used to study in school and every day I used to get lots of bags filled with letters.

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He further stated that at that time there was an autograph-photograph system with fan mails. In such a situation, I used to get blank envelopes with return stamps. After this, I used to sign my picture and send it back. In those days, doing so became part of his daily routine. He said, Papa used to give me a lot of envelopes and pictures every morning to sign. What a wonderful time that was. There are many memories about Mahabharata.

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