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Baba Ramdev has earned 12 thousand crores since the announcement of buying a biscuit company, know how


New Delhi. Some days may not have been politically good for Baba Ramdev, but it has proved to be a bumper in terms of earnings. Especially the shares of Ruchi Soya have made big money for Baba Ramdev. The reason for this is the announcement of Ruchi Soya to buy Patanjali Natural Biscuit Pvt Ltd. The permission of which has been received from the board on May 10. Since then the stock of Ruchi Soya is not taking its name to stop. On Friday also, there was an upper circuit of 5 percent in the shares of the company. Surprisingly, ever since this announcement has been made, the market cap of the company has increased by about Rs 12,000 crore.

The company’s stock has jumped 80 percent since May 10
If we talk about the announcement of May 10, then the stock of Ruchi Soya has jumped up to 80 percent. The company’s stock closed at Rs 674.55 on May 7, which closed at Rs 1070.85 on Friday. That is, during this period, the company’s shares saw an increase of about 80 percent. That is, the shares of the company have increased by Rs 396.30 during this period. At the same time, in the last one week, the company’s stock has increased by Rs 50. Let us tell you that on June 29, 2020, he had hit a hike of 52 weeks with Rs 1535. Whereas before the acquisition of the company by Ramdev, the share price was only Rs 17.

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12 thousand crores increase
On the other hand, the market cap of the company has also seen tremendous growth. The company’s market cap on May 7 was around Rs 19 thousand crore. Which increased to Rs 31,680.13 crore on Friday. That is, in three weeks, the company’s market cap has seen an increase of Rs 12,000 crore. If experts are to be believed, the company’s shares may see more upside in the coming days.


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